All pieces are for sale, and all paintings are also available for rent. Rental costs range $20-40 per season (three months). Talk to us for rental specifics!

Message from Jisu — skate.

Message from Jisu — gogumama.com.

Take a look through my photo inventory for prices. I also do art trades (and I'm open to any other kind of service or skill—talk to me).

Email me at jisusheen@gmail.com if you're interested in a piece, and send a picture if possible.

Message from Kuli — kulimushibarongozi.com.

If you want to buy any piece of art in this show. (You can get ANY piece)

Price = number of rectangles in the piece  x

Each rectangle = 100$ for all pieces, except rectangles in wooden sculptures = 1000$

Rectangles includes the frame of the piece.
We trust your counting.
Email, Kuli.baro@gmail.com
Or talk to Kuli or Jisu

Venmo: @jisu_
Cashapp: $kulimushi
Paypal: jisusheen@gmail.com
(Feel free to use whichever payment method, we will share and split accordingly.)

Once you pay, we’ll have your piece reserved at the store, and you can pick it up after August 7th. If you want it shipped, email the address info.